Friday, October 5, 2012

Spirit Cave

Spirit cave came out of the necessity to create music in a sustainable manner. It's been a long hard road, but we begin again with a more realistic worldview that is less dependent of investment from large companies. For now we work in house... and we keep our day jobs.

Monday, July 25, 2011



Well. Where to begin.

I moved back to Phoenix. I'm trying to finish this collection of songs that I've been working on over the years but its impossible to get inspiration to do so when i don't own any of it. I can't believe how much the music business can mess with ones Psyche.

In the meantime I've been making some remixes with my buddies William Reed and Thomy Hoefer.

Check it out

thank you everything for everything.

peace to you.


Monday, August 16, 2010

This night

This night is laced with magic. The dim light breathes a slow breath. Low notes of a double bass dance about fluidly. One day this will all be over and I will close my eyes for good. For now let's rejoice with each breath, let us be grateful for our troubles and our pride, be thankful for our pain and our peace. Thank you everything for everything.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 25th, 2010. Oslo Norway. Imogen Heap Tour

I awoke today on the bus en-route to Oslo. I have never been to Oslo. I've never been to Europe actually and I feel pretty spiffy about the fact that I just played a pretty rad show to a great crowd in Berlin. Life is so strange. It really reminds me that everything counts in some way. Good or bad. It seems like yesterday I was so nervous to sing into a microphone in front of my close friends. Now I'm touring the world with the magnificent Imogen Heap. I am so grateful to be doing this. If I could go back in time and tell myself as a teenager that all of those rough times would lead to this, I suppose I would have enjoyed the ride a little more. It seemed like such a farfetched dream. Sure, its not all fun and games. We've all been sick, tossing around this virus the whole time. I miss my girlfriend a lot and worry she won't be able to handle me being away so much. It's a strange life out here on the road. Most of the time is spent at the venues, snacking, emailing, setting up, sound-checking, taking grimy showers, eating pre-made sandwiches etc... The normal day consists of waking up in the little bunk (thats just a little bit bigger than a coffin), stumbling down to the first floor of the bus (yes the bus has two stories), having some coffee and fruit, walking into the venue, maybe going for a jog, setting up gear, sound checking, sorting out merch, eating some snacks, warming up, playing, talking to people after the show, tearing down, getting back on the bus, maybe watching a movie, then going back to sleep to wake up and do it all again. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way complaining. Everyone I'm with is really lovely. Playing my music and playing with Imogen are some of the most most fulfilling things I've done so far. No matter how I feel during the day, after a good show I'm higher than a kite. Literally floating on air... and to hear people who were in the audience tell me it affected them makes it all worth while... I just want to inspire people to open up and feel a bit more. I want people to know that what's inside of them is inside of all of us. No matter what, there is a way through the hard times and there is good times ahead. When I was a teenager, music opened me up to my emotions in a way that nothing else has. I felt the entire spectrum of my emotional core expand through sounds and melodies. It was like what was going into my ears some how came from within. It showed me that there was someone somewhere who knew exactly how I felt. At the time, it was all I needed to feel relevant in such a seemingly alienating and cold world. The thought that I may in some way be creating that experience for others may be enough to endure endlessly long roads and cold nights. There has been a few times when someone has looked at me in the eyes and expressed how they have been moved by what i do. That tells me that this is real. It gives me hope that I may be able to do it for others for a long long time. So for now i'll sit in my hotel room thinking of loved ones, being grateful for now, feeling hopeful for what's to come and a little lonely.... Its sooo worth it.
thank you everything for everything.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Show 9 Atalanta

Show 9 Hot-Lanta Georgia.. 


It was a beautiful sunrise as we drove through the countryside towards Atlanta..somehow the truck stops looked so dreamy in the crisp morning air. By the time we got to The Variety Playhouse i had fallen asleep again. I slept through load in and part of the set-up. I ran in to find the wonderful crew hard at work. I started to set up feeling very giddy for some reason, It was going to be a good day. We continued through the routine as usual. I love the stillness of soundcheck. It's such a good opportunity to tap into the higher energies that go along with music. Sometimes the soundcheck is the best part of the day for me because i can totally open up to the stuff that gives me the chills..  

Such a immense theater the Playhouse. A grand floor below and a massive balcony above. Before i knew it the doors opened and the public started flooding in. We had a very fun time backstage talking and chatting. Everyone was in good spirits. The guest Cellist Yoosung was a great character. He has us all in hysterics showing us pictures of his Chihuahua. Once again, It was show-time. I played, it felt good to finally be comfortable playing for 1500+ people. Things seemed to go off without a hitch. For the last song "the war is over" i jumped down into the crowd again and danced with the crowd. Oh what fun. Tim went up again with a dazzling display of DSP mayhem. I think the average music listener may be a little frightened about his unique and innovative display of talent, but there are others who will be inspired and changed forever by his amazing-ness. 

We took a short break before Immi took the stage. Its nice to feel like we're in somewhat of a routine. The show process holds us together like glue in a slightly volatile world. Without the shows we would be just nomad without purpose. Immi took the stage again with her wine glass and sang the Lyrics "bodies disengaged, out mouths are fleshing over"..such a beautiful line. The crowd adores her. She continued on through the set until we joined her. We played our little hearts out we did. YooSung even added a rocking Cello spin move during aha! was pretty sweet. What a fun night.. I think the saying "Southern Hospitality" is true. Everyone is warm and engaging. The show ended on a beautiful note and Imogen singing "bye bye bye bye" and just as quick as it started, It was over..I look forward to my return to Atlanta..

to all my friend and family. I am grateful for you and I miss you. Happy thanksgiving...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shows 7 and 8, Nashville and Knoxville

Nashville Show 7:

We arrived in Nashville after another night of bus dancing. It was very nice out and i felt charged for the show. We arrived at the Exit-In to set-up and soundcheck. There was a large wall listing some of the famous artists who had played there. I felt honored to be on the same stage as them. My dad came into town from Phoenix to see me play so i was able to let him backstage before the show to hang out. He was excited to see the production in action. I took him on the bus to meet the rest of the crew, Derek- our tour manager, Rob- our visual/lighting guy, and Tom our Front of house. My dad is a guitarist as well (a much better one than I) so he could appreciate all the work that went in to the show.. 

Show-time came without fail once again and Imogen introduced me with kind words once more. I played for the sophisticate and warm Nashville crowd. I have to say it was a little intimidating playing in a city with such extensive music history. Some of the best songwriters and musicians in the world still live and work here. This town has a heavy hand in shaping the climate of the music industry of yesterday and today. All in all i think it went over pretty well. The crowd seemed to enjoy it. Tim Exile followed doing his mixture of glitch improve future music. I think he is doing some of the most inspiring music around. He is really on the edge of music production techniques. 

Imogen took the stage with grace once again to an enthusiastic warm crowd. Playing with her has become one of the great joys of life. She is a beautiful talent. Staring out at the crowd is like a strange meditation. Everything is moving, there is sound coming out of everything. I look over at Imogen, at Tim an Chris Vatalaro without much of anything floating through my head. Just emotion and energy pass through as we dance this movement. I imagine it is somewhat similar to playing basketball or ballet. Things just flow. Occasionally thoughts or concepts enter, good or bad. They can either improve or derail what is happening so its important not to attach to deeply to them. Just look at them for a sec and decide wether to let them in.  Then in the blink of an eye its all over. I'm left spinning once again. I say goodbye to my dad and before i know it we're off to Knoxville....

Knoxville Show 8:

We arrive at the Square room to some really delicious Sweet tea and steak sandwiches. On the walls are some really nice large format black and white photos of local musical talent. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun show. The backstage is like a beautiful hotel room complete with bunk beds and a giant bean bag chair. We set up and sound checked as usual. This venues seemed fairly new and modern so it was cool to hear Tom tune the p.a. and get it sounding proper. Everything checked out good, the staff and promoter Ben were so nice. We waited upstage munching some food as we heard the doors open before we played. We could hear the crowd cheering already before we even played. This was going to be a fun one. Imogen brought me on stage nicely again and the crowd was super enthusiastic. It was one girls birthday and it seemed like the whole crowd was there to celebrate. We dance laughed and sang the set through to my finale of "the war is over".. I jumped down in the crowd to dance with the super fun fans. What a great time. Tim followed with his amazing wit and charm, winning over the heart and minds of knoxville. Immi was nice enough to hire a masseuse  for us for all the hard work we've been doing. Right after Tim started i ran up to a quiet candlelit  room where i proceeded to get an amazing massage to the sound of Tim's electro noise fun downstairs. It was like running a mile in 20 degree rainy weather then jumping immediately in to the hottest Jacuzzi you can stand. Such a contrast of energies back to back. I could hear Tim's set end as my massage was ending. Boy that was great. I was so relaxed and ready to go on stage. My body felt great. 

Imogen took the stage with her wine glass full of water, playing it like a beautiful glass harp. She sang her opening lyrics "bodies disengage our mouths are fleshing over".. the beautiful ambient hum of that intro mixed with her voice in those lyrics still give me chills.. before i knew it we joined her on stage for Headlock. Followed by Bad Body Double where i do a cameo as her Bad Body Double. The crowd loved it. After this Tim and i have a 3 song break so we headed to the basement below where the fans stood and watched. It was a wood floor above us and we could hear the crowd shift and sway to the songs above us. It was like a crowd of calm animals swaying in a tide pool to her songs. This was one of the most amazing thing i have ever heard. Feet scampering and swaying to Imogen's beautiful music. I could have listened to it all night, But had a set to finish. Things went off without a hitch. The crowd was so warm and i felt so relaxed and grateful to be having these experiences. We ended the set, left the stage, Imogen went out for the encore and finished the night once again. We met the fans and loaded out. A splendid night indeed. Thank you knoxville for your enthusiastic hospitality. I look forward to returning. 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Shows 5 and 6 in the Grand State of TEXAS!

We arrived in Dallas a few days ago on a wispy chilled afternoon. It was a beautiful evening that began with some some time in the gym followed by a relaxing dip in the jacuzzi with Cara, Chris, and Tim. Tom joined us a bit later for some pretty awesome tacos, so awesome in fact that i think the place should be named awesome tacos. The next day arrived without fail and it was time for our show-day routine. Get on the bus, drive up to the venue, the boys load in, set up, sound check, bring in merch, run through songs, warm up vocals.. etc etc etc...I like that its beginning to become somewhat of a routine, i feel like it gets into my bones and muscles. It becomes a part of me like walking or running. It requires a high level of presence; a meditation almost. The show went off without much of a hitch, i felt like my set went well, and Imogen sounded amazing as always. Everyone was completely lovely by the merch booth afterwards. Sandy help us with the CD and t-shirt sales. Before I knew it we were off to Austin.

We arrived in the beautiful city in the morning, where Tim and I grabbed some food at Katz's deli. Very delicious corned beef and Hash! Tim and i talked about his plans for artist based software development. I think his ideas are going to shape the future of music technology and music distribution. Again it was time to load in and set up. We had a very fun sound check, we finished in time to walk over to the bridge at Congress street to see some bats. We waited for a bit before the bats started stirring. They were a bit dark and hard to make out but with the illumination of a flash light you could see thousands of little furry buddies flying in circles just underneath the bridge. They generated small clicking noises that when multiplied, they sounded like a sea of glitchy insects sputtering about. Very cool. Cara got word that the cellist arrived at the venue so we rushed back to do the final sound check. He was very talented. 

Show-time sprung up like a bouncy ball once again. My set went pretty good except for "hookie".. I felt like it was playing an out of tune warped record for everyone. The timing was off, the mix was weird. It was flat out wonky.  Luckily we got through it without killing anyone. Afterwards I was a little in my head, i was struggling to stay present for Imogen's set. She went on to another wonderful warm crowd. When it was time for us to re-enter the stage I was a little off for some reason. I had a hard time staying in it. I continued to breath into it. There it was, the stillness i needed to play. Before I knew it we were playing the last song once again. We bowed, left the stage, then Imogen returned for another beautiful encore of "Hide and Seek"..  Afterwards I went out to the merch table to meet some fans. Once again, they were lovely. The guys from a great band called "Speak" were out there, I love their music. Our great friend Ryan Obermeyer was in the house as well. He has a way of bringing up the party standards. We retired to the bus and there was something in the air whispering "fun fun fun!!!" in a little elf voice. We started a party. A moving bus crazy funk dance party. Everyone was in rare form. I don't know how the right combination of things come together from time to time to create magical party moments but it was all there that night. I think i might have to write a song about how much fun i had. Everyone was so lovely. I had a grin on my face the entire next day (even though i was slightly hung over).. Thats one for the history books. Thank you everything for everything!!! 

oh and "Hookie" is now available on Itunes. See you in Nashville!